Jul 28

Style – Quote #31

Jul 28

Challenge #4

For this week, I challenge you to learn to say¬† hello in a different language for each day of the week. If you’re feeling really ambitious, learn a few introductory phrases!! (Duolingo might be a great app for this challenge!)

Jul 27

The Major Arcana – Overview

“A Fool’s Journey”, the 22 cards that are referred to as the Major Arcana cards represent a different stage in that journey – a stage that is thought too have to occur in order for one to feel wholeness. Each card has a keyword that it represents, but clearly through my posts i will get into the deeper story of each card. Here I will list out the cards with the keyword given in reference to The Fountain Tarot (website can be found here) . Different handbooks have different keywords, but generally referring to the same thing.

So let’s get started

The Fool (0) -Boundless innocence

The rest of the Major Arcana cards are placed into 3 categories, based on mastery in those particular realms

Realm: The Physical

The Magician (1) – Possibilities Revealed

The High priestess (2) – Veiled Wisdom

The Empress (3) – Abundant Creation

The Emperor (4) – Structured Control

The Hierophant (5) – Trusted Advisor

The Lovers (6) – Choosing Love

The Chariot (7) – Harnessing Forces

Realm: The Spiritual

Justice (8) – Fairness

The Hermit (9) – Quiet Observation

Wheel of Fortune (10) – Unexpected Change

Strength (11) – Passion Tamed

The Hanged Man (12) – Surrender to Self

Death (13) – A significant End

Temperance (14) – Listening Within

Realm: The Ethereal

The Devil (15) – Bondage to Indulgence

The Tower (16) – The Inessential Destroyed

The Star (17) – All is Well

The Moon (18) – Surrender to Darkness

The Sun (19) – Absolute Joy

Judgement (20) – Reconciliation

The World (21) – A Cycle Complete

The Fountain Tarot has also created a Major Arcana for their deck calle which is labelled with a infinity sign. Representing the realm of reunion with and recognition of the divine.

The Fountain – Be

The Major Arcana cards are also known as the Trump Cards. They are life lessons passed down through the ages and hold great imagery that cannot be ignored. While the keywords and descriptions are meant as a guide, your own perspective and how you interpret the symbolism will define the cards meaning as well. This is going to be a great journey in learning symbolism and looking for hidden truths. I hope this quick outline has intrigued you, and you will come back every week to learn about the different cards!




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